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UCB Canada is a media organization that is more than the sum of its parts...

We’re positive, family-friendly radio, broadcasting to a population of nearly 1 million people throughout Ontario, and we are the largest network of Christian Broadcasters in ALL of Canada…

but we’re more than a radio station.

Our inspiring encouragement booklet, The Word for You Today, is read by over 20,000 people and is one of the fastest growing devotionals in the WORLD right now…

but we’re more than print.

We’re looking at other media. With our eyes on projects like on-demand programming and streaming radio, the future looks limitless…

but we’re more than just ideas.

UCB Canada’s vision is to communicate hope in Christ by being a leading media company in Canada known for meaningful, encouraging and inspiring content. Our mission is to create an engaging media connection that encourages your faith, inspiring you to share Christ’s Love.

In all that we do, the real heart of our team is to share the love, faith and hope found only in the gospel of Christ.

… and we’re doing it one community at a time!

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Because of YOU we can be a daily encouragement in the lives of your family, friends and community!