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Hopelessness Robs Joy. You Deserve Better.

So many people are struggling with the challenges of life. They feel alone and discouraged and it can be really difficult for faith to flourish when negativity and hopelessness surround them.

When you team up with us to bring UCB Radio to Regina, you're helping people find Jesus through radio that's encouraging, uplifting and hopeful. And where there is hope, more people will find a life of purpose, fulfillment and God’s love.


Help Bring People Closer to Jesus

No other media has as far-reaching an effect as radio does. And when you experience the incredible power of great music with a godly message and see God change and transform lives in Regina, you can be proud knowing you played a part in championing UCB Radio in Regina, helping families flourish and thrive.


"I love listening to UCB all the time. It puts the calm back into my life. Gives me hope."


Ways to Team Up

Join the growing community of people across Canada who are helping to bring UCB Radio to Regina. The excitement is absolutely contagious because the power of music—especially music with a positive message—can bring Hope. And Hope changes lives.






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