Alone But Not Lonely

May 15, 2020 by Sylvia Thompson

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Topics: Community Posts

Love Speaks Loudly

A wonderful collaborative project successfully brought smiles to our community last weekend. Members of Maranatha Church in Belleville delivered 80 potted plants with cards/letters that children created, to people living alone or who are isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were more than 25 children who made little love notes that went with each plant. The Belleville Thrift store donated the containers, like mugs and baskets, to put the plants into and The Garden Network gave them a great deal on the plants.

Wilma VanSchelven helped organise the Living Alone Project. "We had about 23 people doing deliveries. They said they really enjoyed it, and people were so pleased to be remembered and blessed, they were so touched and kept saying it made their day."

Arrangements were made to deliver potted flowers with cards to Hastings Manor where five church members live. Ten plants were dropped off there, leaving the staff to decide who else needs a little cheering up.

"We were even allowed to bring one to the hospital where one of our parishioners has been for a few weeks," Wilma shared, "We had to make the arrangements with the hospital and they were very helpful."

Maranatha Church found a way to spread a little joy last week. Many hands were involved in this project, working to share the love that God has so freely shared with us. The hope is that this potted flower will be a simple reminder that even though one might be alone at this time, they need not be lonely for they are loved.