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Jan 20, 2021

Hope crosses the isolation boundaries

Isolation. Sounds like a solitary confinement sentence, doesn’t it? For those of us with family at home or a job to go to, we might actually wish we could have some alone time - especially if we have to work from home and homeschool!

But for others, isolation can feel incredibly lonely. Never before have we experienced this kind of anti-social circumstance and it is taking its toll on us. The most vulnerable in our communities are suffering emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They are losing hope.

Before COVID-19, I would drop in to see my mom regularly at the nursing home. I did not have to make an appointment and I could stay as long as I wanted to. I could bring her treats and gifts and even take her out for lunch or a walk around the building. She looked forward to the visits from me and my family.

Currently, I am not allowed to visit her in person. She really misses my company and sees isolation as punishment instead of protectiveness, because of her Alzheimer’s disease. She cannot understand how this virus can keep us apart. She is very lonely – even though there are many staff members around to care for her, she longs for her family.

This is heartbreaking for me. When I prayed and asked God for a way to help my mother with her loneliness, I realized He already had. A couple of years ago, when my dad died, we gave my mom a radio in her room to help break up the silence. She loves listening to music while she knits.

We had to put a note on the radio that says “Please turn me on to 102.3 FM” because my mom no longer remembers which station has the lovely Christian music on it. Thankfully, the staff at her nursing home make sure it is on when she is in her room. I also make sure she has a devotional, “The Word For You Today”, to read. Whenever I am able, I read it out loud to her.

While I cannot be there in person, I know that she is being encouraged with hope and being reminded of how much God loves her every day.

If you know someone who is living alone right now, in the hospital or a nursing home, why not consider sharing some hope through UCB Canada and “The Word For You Today”?

Besides an old-fashioned transistor radio, you can share the UCB Canada App by downloading it to a phone or tablet for free. The radio can be listened to through online streaming, and there are several On Demand programs, such as Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey, and plenty of sermons. You can also request “The Word For You Today” for your loved one – we will even mail it to them, for free!

Of course, nothing can take the place of human contact, but we need to be creative and encourage one another as best we can. Mail a card, send a video of yourself, or pick up the phone and pray for your loved one. Hope can reach past the boundaries of isolation!

We are the body of Christ, and we need connection. If you have ideas or have done something to help someone cope with the loneliness of being isolated during this pandemic, please share it on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you!