Give Water. Give Life.

May 01, 2020 by Brad Linnard

Updated: Jun 04, 2023

Topics: Charity Of The Week

Lifewater Canada in Thunder Bay, a little Ministry with a global impact.

Lifewater Canada is ranked as one of Canada’s top-10 impact charities and has provided 1 million people in Africa & Haiti with safe drinking water. Lifewater projects reduce water-borne diseases and enable Girls to pursue education instead of spending hours hauling water for their families. Lifewater is actively combating COVID-19 by distributing masks, sharing hygiene information, providing disinfectant solution, and building hand washing stations at orphanages, clinics and schools.

Some countries are unable to provide the COVID-19 assistance we receive here in Canada. For example, the President of Liberia recently declared: "Everyone stay home. I don't know how you poor people are going to get by, but that's my order." The COVID pandemic has shown that neighbours are not just those living beside us. We cannot disconnect ourselves from the plight of women and girls who can't socially distance as they draw water from crowded pumps; And we cannot ignore children who can’t frequently wash hands because water takes so much time to fetch.

Here's how you can help.

Donate now by visiting or by calling (807) 622-4848.

To find out more about Lifewater Canada and the work they do you can connect with them here.