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Charity of the week

May 01, 2020

Because people are hungry, homeless and hurting,

Green Wood Coalition provides shoulder-to-shoulder support that allows people to reach their potential, through community-based initiatives.

Things are shifting every day for people with the biggest needs and Green Wood Coalition are doing their best to respond with flexibility.

Here are ways you can help at this time.

  • Financial support is always the easiest way to meet specific needs. Give generously today..
  • Join the Caremongering Northumberland Facebook page for updates on practical needs as they arrive.
  • There are limited opportunities to volunteer at this time as they are limiting contact between people at this time.
  • They need permanent housing:
    • Do you know of an empty apartment or house?
    • Are you a landlord who would be willing to work with them to provide supportive housing with guaranteed rent?
    • Call your MP or MPP to ask them to provide emergency financial support to people already living in poverty or with disability.

Email: greenwoodcoalition@gmail.com

Help show love and compassion.

  • If you see someone who is experiencing homelessness and sheltering in a tent, please don’t call the police and obligate them to remove the person. Sheltering in a tent is one of the better strategies during the pandemic.
  • Be kind to people you encounter, you don’t know what they are going through right now.

To find out more about Green Wood Coalition and the work they do you can connect with them here.