Hope Together With Julie

Dec 16, 2020 by Julia Van Huizen

Updated: May 29, 2023

There is a God who cares. Mark Payne knew this and he had been telling his co-worker Julie this truth as well. But it was hard to believe for Julie....

Julie is a single mother of three girls. And she was struggling. Her bills were piling up. Her credit cards were maxed. And to make matters worse, she was suddenly laid off from work due to cutbacks.

When Mark saw Julie's name on the layoff list at work, he knew he had to help Julie, but he wasn't sure how. On the same day of the layoffs, Mark heard about UCB Canada's "Hope Together This Christmas" campaign, and he nominated Julie to be given a special Christmas blessing. And together with community partners, UCB provided Julie with a Christmas surprise she would never forget!

If you've ever doubted if God is present in the details, then listen to Julie's story...

Thank you for being part of a loving community
who rallies around those in need.

You are a blessing!