Human Trafficking In Canada?

Oct 01, 2020 by Rob Freeman

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

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Joy Smith has always found her calling in teaching. So when her son, a police officer, brought to her attention the alarming realities of sex trafficking in Canada today, she knew what she had to do. Educate – bring into the light the overwhelming tragedies that are in our own backyard.

But very few are showing up to the classes. It’s such a terrible evil, we’d rather pretend like it doesn’t exist. But what if it happens to one of my daughters? I was shocked when I heard that it happened recently to the daughter of someone I know! It’s so terrible that I can’t write any further words to describe it. I’m hoping you know these code words.

But how will this code language and silence work out for us?

Am I expecting that the police can shut this down without public awareness or concern?

Am I expecting all gang leaders to suddenly have conversion experiences and turn themselves in?

Of course not. I’m the only hope for these girls. So if I stay quiet, I am an accomplice in their torture.

The Joy Smith Foundation is spearheaded by a fearless woman. As an MP from 2004-2015, Joy amended the Criminal Code twice to better protect young women. She also developed Canada’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. Joy is now volunteering full time with her foundation to develop multiple tools for us to become informed and equipped so we can protect those we care about.

Joy’s recent documentary, The Christian Response to Human Trafficking in Canada, is especially useful for helping spread public awareness. It is formatted in six parts to make it conducive to discussion, such as in a church small group. Each part features an individual from the Christian community sharing their story as a victim, “John” or trafficker, and how their life was restored. It is available for $40 on DVD, including shipping, at It may help to consider how this supports an incredible ministry and is a highly worthwhile life and ministry investment. You can watch the trailer here:

Other resources and opportunities are also available through

"I was totally unaware of what happens to these young girls until I heard Joy speak. It is happening right in our city and young girls of any socio-economic background can be a target. This is a very worthwhile cause." - Liz, Thunder Bay

Joy Smith in Parliament