New Way To Fundraise, Virtually

May 31, 2020 by Sylvia Thompson

Updated: Jun 04, 2023

Topics: Charity Of The Week

Quinte Youth Unlimited is Keeping us Connected

If you have ever been to one of Quinte Youth Unlimited's Dinner Theatres in the past, you would remember. They are entertaining, very social and just plain fun. Unfortunately this year, for obvious reasons, they cannot hold a Dinner Theatre. At least not their usual kind.

Colin Leaver, Executive Director of quinte Youth for Christ, shared how challenging it has become to connect with young people right now, even though they spend a lot of time on their devices. They actually crave face to face interaction. The youth leaders are spending a lot of their time on the phone, talking and texting and even having ZOOM meeting with the youth. God is making a way for them during these difficult times.

Like many charities, they have had to cancel their annual fundraisers due to the current COVID-19 situation. But that hasn't put a cork in their noggins. Not this group of dramatic creators. The show must go on!

Rikki-Anne McKnaught and her team put their heads together and came up with a way to do the entertainment, the food and the interactive fun! That's right, its a triple threat. When you sign up for the QYU Dinner Theatre, you are signing up to buy delicious Barn & Country Catering dessert pies for each guest. Your choice of apple or cherry - as many as you want! The dessert will be ready for your pick or delivery the day before the event.

Now, for the entertainment, can you say Hehawww? If not, you might want to practice. The LIVE entertainment is called "Untie Your Donkey" and there will be an interactive component, with prizes! Now I'm not sure, but the way Quite Youth Unlimited usually does things, there will probably-most-likely be some funny business going on! And you get to be a part of it! Yeehaw!

So there you have it, Dessert, Theatre, Interactive fun and all for a good cause. Mark your calendar for June 11th or 12th at 7:30pm and get your tickets. Please help make this a BIG success - order a truckload of pies, clean off the couch and play along! You can exercise later.