"Run The North" Fun Run!

Sep 01, 2020 by Rob Freeman

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Topics: Family & Parenting , Community Posts , Charity Of The Week

Your family can have a great time while making a difference this fall!

Some people love UCB Radio because of how light our news is. While we know that there are lots of discouraging things happening, we also know that people will find out about plenty of it without our help. Our mission is to give people the positive encouragement they need to make a difference in their world when the opportunity arises.

One such opportunity is coming up that is really making an impact in our community. It’s a fundraiser in support of the United Way and the Northwest Ontario Indigenous Youth Achievement and Recognition Awards.

The United Way of Thunder Bay has long been recognized as a vital organization overseeing the distribution of funds to the non-profits best suited to serve the areas of greatest need in our city and region. Most recently they have been entrusted with this task during Covid-19 with notable extra funding from donors and the government.

The Northwest Ontario Indigenous Youth Achievement and Recognition Awards are given out every year as an encouragement and inspiration to Indigenous young people. Sponsoring these awards is a great way for us to reward the next generation for their efforts and honour examples for other youth to follow.

"Run the North" could be your opportunity to support both of these causes - and have fun as a family! It's a fun run that, due to Covid-19, takes some initiative, but has options for everyone. You can walk, run or bike and you can pick a 1 or 5km route in any location. The minimum donation to enter is $25, and if you raise more than another $50 you are entered to win prizes.

I encourage you to consider rallying your family together or inviting a couple friends to join you to make this a bonding experience as you take this opportunity to make a difference in your world.

For more information, visit https://uwaytbay.ca/event/run-the-north/?event_date=2020-09-26.