When You Never Feel At Home

Mar 27, 2023 by Julia Van Huizen

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Topics: Faith , Health & Wellness

I just came home from a two-week vacation in Spain.

It’s good to be home. In spite of experiencing exotic foods, gorgeous architecture, and many cool adventures, I was happy to get back to my own bed, my own routines, my own house.

Being in a foreign country can be a bit unsettling. In many ways, it’s like being illiterate. You go to the grocery store and you don’t know how to read the labels. You go out for dinner, and you don’t know how to order off the menu. It’s difficult to drive. It’s difficult to converse. It’s difficult to just be yourself when everything around you feels… well, foreign.

Thankfully, each day, my family and I had a “home base.” My brother’s house. We’d be out and about, sight-seeing, but every day we’d come back to my brother’s beautiful property and be able to speak English, eat a meal together, and be “family” together.

Being away made me so grateful for “home.” Thankful for the regular rhythms of routine. Grateful for a that place where I can lay my head and breath a sigh of contentment.

But being away also made me remember that so many people do not have a real “home.” Whether it’s a literal house, a group of friends, or a supportive family, many people feel a lone. Forgotten. Unseen.

I think that’s why I’m appreciative of Christian Radio. Because it’s a tool that can be turned on at any time to slice the silence, to bring a sense of comfort, and remind people that God is with them. For some people, Christian radio is the only “home” they’ve got.


You’ve probably heard that UCB is turning 20 this year. It’s pretty monumental. Because that’s 20 years that God has been using UCB to bring a sense of “home” to people all around the world—sharing His love, His hope, His heart to all those who are listening.

Thank you so much for being a part of UCB—as a listener, a donor, a cheerleader! If you know anyone that could use positive, uplifting UCB in their life to help them feel more “at home” in their life, please: take a moment and share. You never know how that one moment of sharing could bring a new sense of life, a new sense of home to their heart.


P.S. We hope you’ll join us this year in celebrating twenty years of UCB, either by celebrating during the upcoming pledge drive or sharing a story of how God made YOU feel at “home” through UCB Radio. Share today! Thank you for sharing!