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Greg Sykes


A Life Lesson- Battle the Voices

Aug 08, 2019

I'm thankful we're never alone in the battle field of our mind! While many voices want to destroy us, God's voice wants to heal us and bring us his peace.

There is Hope in the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful!

God has taught me a lesson I've had to learn over the course of a long period of time... Knowing the difference between his voice, my voice, the world's voice and Satan's voice. There is a big difference and it can save you from a lot of unnecessary pain, anxiety and doubt!

Many times I have experienced Satan's lies telling me, "Who do you think you are? You're still a mess. You of all people are not good enough to talk about God. You're a failure".

I've also experienced my own insecurities tell me, "Gemma you suck at doing this. Obviously God has someone better than you. Why can't you get it right like everyone else? That's not good enough. You're not trying hard enough."

Then the voice of the world, "You work in Christian radio? Jeez that must be really lame. That sucks you can't talk about what every other radio station gets to. You must be really religious. You're missing out. You should change your job to do something more practical. I miss the old Gemma".

A common trend with all of these voices is that NONE of them lead to the truth: the joy, peace, love, hope, compassion and satisfaction God has in store for you right now. I don't miss the old me. I don't miss feeling hopeless and lost. I don't miss feeling uncertain about my salvation. I don't miss feeling confused. What's the good news with all these voices? There's one you can trust...God! I've learned that voices are an illusion that try to control you. Thankfully though, we have free will and choose which voices we want to listen to and which one's to throw out in the trash everyday. God has provided you and me with a landfill that is limitless to put our insecurity, fear, shame, condemnation, doubt, discouragement, judgement, and anxiety in. We can throw it out anytime we want! God gives us the power to throw the garbage away so we can take in the joyful spirit he has for us! That makes me PUMPED UP for you and me!

You are a beautiful child of God. Forgiven. Redeemed. Loved... And Wanted! "Really? He wants me even after I messed up?" Yes. He still loves you like crazy and wants to be close with you! "Well hold on, what about the depression and anxiety I've had for years?" Yes. Jesus is with you and knows the battles you face and promises to stay with you through it all. He believes in you and his strength is exactly what you and I can rely on everyday! "What about the addiction I still struggle with?" Yes. Jesus wants to heal it! He will never let go of you and will never stop offering you his hand of restoration and hope. Jesus is the answer even when we don't know how he'll do it. Believe he can and he will! In another post I will share how he has restored from anxiety, depression and an embarrassing addiction I never thought I'd find freedom in. He IS faithful! He will never give up on you... he cares that much! It still overwhelms me how much he wants you and me! There is hope in the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful story of your life! I'm thankful we're not ever alone in the battle field! When you recognize key words of those thoughts, you can easily find the root of where it is coming from and then ask God to help guide you to think his thoughts above your own and others. 2nd Timothy tells us, "For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid but gives us power, love and self discipline". Recognizing which voices are from God has given me freedom to accept the truth than live in the fear of insecurities and lies from myself and others.

Whats your life lesson?