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The Ripple Effect: Are you in?

Aug 09, 2019

They have no idea what's coming... and that's the exciting part!

You CAN Make a Difference:

When I woke up this morning to a noisy alarm, I thought two things, "Man that sleep wasn't long enough" and a contradicting, "I wonder what God is up to today. I bet it's going to be something good!" I showed up to work the same as usual, ready to turn the lights on and check my email, but when I got into the office I couldn't help but smile! Someone had surprised me and left a beautiful cute mug reading, "JUST BE YOU" on my desk. I stared and held it for a few moments smiling and said, "Wow God, how did you know?" I wanted to feel inspired this morning but I didn't know where to start. This simple act of kindness began a ripple effect in my heart that I just had to share with others! God spoke to this person but they had to be listening to hear what he wanted them to do. I shared this story on-air, which led to me feeling like my goofy self, which then led me to share a talk break with a professional body-wave dancer! Yeah it's a thing ;) I nearly fell over laughing and had so much fun just being me and inviting you to have fun being you too! That moment wouldn't of happened without that beautiful, cute, lil "JUST BE YOU" mug. God is amazing.

You may think "okay, that's cool Gemma... but what does that cup do for me?" LOL! Well, a lot more than you think! We can choose today to fill each other up! The fact you're reading this tells me you are ready to feel inspired because you want today to be different...not just for you but for our human race. "All this from a cup? C'mon girl let's get real!"

The secret to inspiring someone is simple:

C-A-R-E! Jesus taught us to show love in action without being noticed; not because we should or have to, but because we actually want to! Who doesn't want to make a normal day into an INCREDIBLE day? This cute little mug inspired me and I hope this ripple effect can be passed onto you! They have no idea what's coming...and that's the exciting part! You CAN inspire someone! If you want to try the ripple effect, maybe now is your time to pray and ask God, "Lord, please show me how you want me to love someone today". If a random thought comes into your mind, or someone is on your path, take that next step. Have faith! God will never leave you with nothing. Whatever he has given you will be more than enough to make it into something amazing! It all starts with a simple "Yes".

So the question is... Are you in?