Fallback Album Art

Next to Me
Jordan Feliz

Gregory R Johnson

Jul 31, 2018

Gregory Johnson started talking with a stranger at the grocery store when he spotted roses and a birthday cake in his cart. That man, Jim, was celebrating his wife’s birthday. She passed away years ago. When Gregory saw the sadness in Jim’s eyes, he spent almost 2 hours learning about the couple, hearing about their beautiful memories over more than 50 years. At the end of their conversation, Jim invited Gregory to his home to enjoy a piece of birthday cake with him. Gregory agreed.

You never know what someone is facing. Stopping for a moment to ask, to care….can change a life.

Jim and Gregory are planning to meet again soon for lunch. Gregory is hopeful he made Jim’s day a little better – admitting their time together was one of the best things he’s done in a long time.

Kindness goes a LONG way.