The Amazing Race Quinte

All Over Quinte | Quinte Region

DATE: Jul 22 to 23

TIME: 5:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Hosted by the Quinte Youth Unlimited (YFC) join the 3rd annual and popular Quinte wide scavenger hunt. Create a team to race across the entire Quinte area for a fun & safe way to enjoy the summer! SPECIAL DEAL - Register before June 1st for a 50% discount!

Compete against other teams in challenges of physical ability, intellect, speed and luck - for a chance to win $1000 cash! New challenges every year!

Click here to register your team.

The Challenges

This is a fun & competitive race. Teams should play to win, but not at all costs. Our first goal is for you to enjoy the race, and second is the thrill of winning.

All members must do at least one challenge during the race. ​Challenges can be:
Physical - Sweat it out with feats of strength and athletics
Intellect - Test your brain with trivia, tests and riddles
Speed - Accomplish a task in the shortest time possible
Luck - Take your chances in a game of sheer luck

Team Qualifications

To be qualified, your team must be able to:
- able to pay the registration fee of $100 per team
- be competitive and adventurous with positive attitude
- be willing to exert yourself in mental and physical challenges
- have sufficient emotional, physical and psychological capacity to endure 2 days in various environments and conditions
- Agree to the rules, health & safety protocol, release of liability
- have minimum of 2 members and no more than 6

- drive your own vehicle, or request one if needed.
- fundraise extra to earn challenge bypass(es) (note: all funds raised support QYU youth programs)
$500 raised earns 1 challenge bypass
$1000 raised earns 3 challenge bypasses