HELP for Zambia Fundraising Donner & Auction

St Pauls - Discover Life, Congregational Church | 450 Park Ave W Chatham

DATE: Apr 15

TIME: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Come, help Loads of Love, build a womens shelter for abused women and children in Zambia one brick at a time. They are having a broasted chicken dinner, live music, a silent auction and a live auction. Help our sisters in Christ, find protection, hope, and healing.

Help for Zambia Fundraiser

Imagine if you were beaten and controlled, and had no choice but to live with it? What if you knew your child was being sexually abused, but had no power to stop it? Think about the hopelessness and defeat you would feel.

HELP for Zambia is a charity under Loads of Love in Chatham, ON. They serve vulnerable women and children in Zambia and are in the process of building the only women’s shelter for abused women and teen girls in the area.