Timber Fest

June 9 to 11 • 8:00-2:00 pm

29996 W Bothwell Rd, Bothwell, ON N0P 1C0

Hosted by: Mike's Wood Solutions, Carver Kings. Kriz Oil

Live Chainsaw Carving and timber event Produced by Mike's Wood Solutions and Carver Kings. Sponsored by KRZ Oil. Come check out the live carving. There will be loads of fire wood and slab wood up for sale. There will also be a live auction for carvings and all kinds of wood products.

More Information

live chainsaw carving event june 9-10th and 11th info on a photo of trees

• main carving pieces 6-8
• Quick carves 3×6-8
• All varieties and species of fire wood for your heating and cooking needs
• Live edge slabs of all shapes and sizes
60 inch diameter to 12 inch diameter charcuterie boards
• Building lumber from 2×4 2x6 to 1 inch
• rough cut
• Hand carving wood (bass wood butternut and Tupelo)
• Burrell and unique wood pieces
• Giant cookies