Men's Mental Health Awareness March

Keyano College Parking lot | 8115 Franklin Ave Fort McMurray

DATE: Jun 11

TIME: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

XY Spark in collaboration with Therapeutic Intervention Psychotherapy Services (TIPS) and Dookies Psychological Service presents Walk for Men's Mental Health (Healthier men make healthier communities) Aim: To bring more awareness to the community that more men are impacted by unaddressed mental health, and they need to know that they are valuable

We recognize that more men are impacted by mental health than what is reported, and they do

not feel safe to come forward and ask for help because of societal expectations.

The goal is to walk through the community to bring more awareness about the need for more

employers, employees, churches, schools, and homes to realize that there is a safe space to

access support. Men do not need to feel left out or isolated or ashamed if they are struggling.

Any funding raised from the event will go towards having an ongoing program where we

facilitate group discussions offer mental health support at an affordable cost and provide

mentorship and supports for men both young and young at heart.

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