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December 9

Healthier Holidays! with United Way GenNext

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Join our Keynote Speakers on December 9 as they share tips and information on how to have 'Healthier Holidays' - both mentally and physically!

As we move into the holiday season, and with the uncertainties of COVID-19 being ever on-going, this year is going to look very different in terms of how we will get together and celebrate.

The holidays in general, mixed in with everything we have gone through, could bring a lot of emotion for people that may be good or bad. We want to make sure you have a healthy and happy holiday!

So join our workshop to hear tips and reminders on how you could recognize and embrace your emotions and mental health as we celebrate the holidays in a different year and say goodbye to 2020.

Holidays also bring a lot of decisions health wise - dinners, dessert, etc. Hear from a professional dietician on things to consider when treating your self in the holidays this year. They will share how to take your favourite dishes and add a healthy flare to them so you can still enjoy it but in a healthier fashion.


1. Dr Mario Nucci is a family physician practicing in hospital medicine and mental health and addictions. He has a research interest in novel therapeutics and molecular mechanisms of mental illness.

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Admission is free for this online zoom event: https://uwaytbay.ca/event/genn...