UCB Winter FunDays: Skating!

Saturday January 22 • 1:00-4:00 pm

545 High Street

It's a Winter Fun event with UCB Radio! If your family loves having fun outdoors, you won't want to miss the games, hot chocolate and UCB tunes! You can drop in at any time in the afternoon.

We’ve got 3 winter events planned just for you this year. Our first event is on January 22 with skating at the rink at 545 high street.

Come skate and play a few games at any time in the afternoon between 1-4pm, enjoy some hot chocolate and jam along to the UCB tunes!

We will have some games ready for you to play as a family at any time in the afternoon. You can play as a team to beat the family high score for the day. Or you can compete against one another. Or just have fun with the games, if you don't need a competition to inspire you!

And to top it off, since it's outdoors, the only covid-related requirements are to maintain social distance between households whenever possible, and wear a mask if you need to be within 2m.

See you at the rink!