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A Christmas He'll Remember...

By: Julia Van Huizen • On: Nov 15, 2022 • Updated: Oct 04, 2023

Don’t be a mudslinger

Don’t be a mudslingerimage


Dennis' wife left him. And she never returned.

It was like one day the rug was completely pulled out from under him and he didn't know what way was up and what way was down.

Dennis knew about UCB Radio. In fact, he often flicked through the car radio dial and heard its music. But whenever it came up, he quickly changed the channel. "I didn't want to listen to Christian music at that time in my life," he admitted.

But when Christmas time came, Dennis wanted to listen to Christmas carols, so he flicked back to UCB Radio.

The songs stirred him.

God stirred him.

"One night I made a decision I was going to turn my face back to God... I walked straight down to my basement, laid on the carpet and put my face to the floor. I cried until I soaked the carpet, and I said, "God, I'm going to put you back in my life again.'"

"One night I made a decision I was going to turn my face back to God...

Dennis thinks the Holy Spirit was working in his life. Through the backdoor of listening to Christmas carols, Dennis was brought back to God.

This December, invite a friend to listen to the 100% Christmas music on UCB Radio. Because, who knows? By leading them to carols, you could be leading them to Christ.

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