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Power of Your Story


Our lives are filled, with moments… moments of joy, of heartache, unforgettable moments and moments we wish we could forget…in your toughest moments God may have used UCB Canada to encourage you.

Maybe you heard a story or a song or read a great message that inspired you…even changed you! 

Sharing your story can be intimidating

We understand that it can be super hard to be vulnerable and open your heart up. But we have seen over and over the positive impact that sharing a story of "God showing up in your life" has.

Share your story today:

Choose your method

  1. Call 1-888-407-4094, press option 2 and record your story on our Storyline system. You won't have to actually talk to someone and you can call anytime.
  2. Write your story using the online form below
  3. Video yourself telling your story and email it to us at

What to say . . .

  1. What was a "God moment" you have experienced through UCB Canada?
  2. What would your life be like without UCB Canada in it? Tell us how it is influencing your life.
  3. Do you have a story of the "right song" (or word) coming at the "right time"?

* Please note we reserve the right to use these stories on air, online, or in various publication mediums.