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Love and The Outcome Partners with UCB Radio to Help Promote Pregnancy Care Centres in Canada

Posted by: John Connor on Oct 08, 2022


(KINGSTON AND BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA) – UCB Radio CKJJ 102.3 listeners came out to celebrate and raise money for two Pregnancy Care Centres in South-Eastern Ontario last weekend. Canadian natives Love and The Outcome, did two evening performances with attendance at the Belleville fundraising event surpassing organizers’ expectations.

Heather Tapp, the Executive Director of the Belleville Pregnancy and Family Care Centre, shared: “As we began to plan our fall fundraiser, we sought advice and support from UCB Radio. They helped us find an artist, coached us on how to engage the artist, and, gave us advice for our event. UCB had four team members at our event who were all very supportive. ,Chris and Jody from Love and the Outcome were amazing and easy to work with. It was a great experience and event.”

From Elizabeth Sacrey, Executive Director of Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre: “Love and The Outcome put on a great concert. They really cared about the people there, taking time to take pictures and sign autographs. And they were also very down to earth and easy to work with but also very professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I would work with UCB and L&TO again anytime.”

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