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Last year, in the summer, my favourite song was "In the Eye of the Storm." I sang it all the time and knew all the words. One day, I was out in my trailer listening to UCB and they gave a tornado warning for down in the Kingston area. That tornado came ripping up through where I was and I reached for my trailer door but it wouldn’t open. I tried it again and it wouldn’t open. So, I thought, Well, I’m just gonna go and lay down back in the bunk and ride this out. I started praying, thanking the Lord for His protection, and asked Him to keep me under His wing, and I started singing "In the Eye of the Storm" for all my worth. And this peace came over me, and that tornado came through and it lifted my trailer at one point about five feet and I wasn’t afraid! For the first time in my life, I felt a peace that passes understanding, and I understood what that meant because by all logical things, I should have been freaking out. But I knew God had me and I was under His wing like a bird in a nest, and I experienced that peace. Thank you for that song, UCB, cause it’s everyday there’s tornadoes in our lives....