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One day I decided to give a five-hundred dollar donation to UCB as a thank offering. I contacted the station, had a nice conversation with a gentleman, and then I was going to tell him I was going to commit to five hundred dollars. But what I actually said was, “I’ll commit to twelve hundred dollars.” Right then, I knew God was in the situation. It was like He was saying, “You, on your own, are going to do five hundred dollars. But, son, this station is important. It’s a big part of My ministry down here. We’re gonna up that to twelve hundred dollars.” So, that was that. Twelve hundred dollars. Since then, we’ve incurred several thousand dollars out-of-pocket medical expenses. We found out my wife will be without work in a few weeks, too. So, how am I handling this? Well, I’ve been smiling a lot. Grinning as I watch God meet our needs. We pay the medical bills on the installment plan, but we can pay them grinning because we’ve kept up with our giving without having to take a break. I find myself laughing out loud sometimes. I gotta tell ya, it’s been exciting to have God managing our finances. God is good. He’ll supply His resources.