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May 27, 2022 · Bob Gass

A safe place to unload 

“Bear…one another’s burdens.” Galatians 6:2 

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? You have, haven’t you? Chuck Swindoll wrote, “We act impulsively and realize, after the fact, how foolish we were.…On top of all that, we hurt the ones we love the most. All this stuff caves in on us…and we wonder how anybody could ever love us…especially God. When we start thinking like this, we need to turn our mind to the ‘one anothers’ in the New Testament. Love one another, build up one another, live in peace with one another, confess your sins to one another, speak to one another, admonish one another, comfort one another, pray for one another. ‘Bear one another’s burdens’ (Galatians 6:2 NKJV). Imagine two mountain hikers. One…has a…light pack…while the other poor soul…is…loaded down…It could be a long-standing grudge…poisoning his insides…[or] a broken relationship with his wife or one of his kids. That pack could be loaded with unpaid bills. The question is, Where can…[he] go to unload? By sitting in church alongside a…couple thousand other folks? Hardly. What he needs…is…a place where there is person-to-person caring and…authentic sharing. Where he will feel free, without embarrassment…to tell his secret or state his struggle; where someone will listen, help him unload, and give him fresh strength. Adult fellowships…are not miniature church services. They are pockets of people who love Christ and believe in helping one another. They don’t point fingers or preach or compare. They are your brothers and sisters in Christ…Are you involved in a…fellowship group? If not, consider joining or starting [one].” Once you begin unloading, you will discover how much easier the journey seems.

Bible in a year: 1 King 19-20 and Acts 7:23-43

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