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July 02, 2021 · Bob Gass

Learn to set boundaries

“Follow the Lord’s rules for doing his work.” 2 Timothy 2:5 TLB

Are you so eager to stay in everybody’s good graces that you comply with their every demand? You’re not alone—good people burn out every day because they can’t set boundaries. And once that happens, it’s hard to fix because none of us, not even those ordained by God, can break His natural laws without suffering. One Bible teacher wrote, “Once when I was complaining about my heavy schedule, I heard God’s Spirit say, ‘You’re the one who makes the schedule; if you don’t like it, do something about it!’” Paul told Timothy, “Follow the Lord’s rules for doing his work…as an athlete…follows the rules or is disqualified” (v. 5). Not every problem is spiritual, some are physical. Furthermore, you can’t blame the devil for things that are your own fault. We resent people who pressure us, yet we keep doing what they want, which feeds our silent anger. You’re allowing yourself to be pressured by not taking responsibility for your own life. The fact is, many well-intentioned folks are walking around each day stressed out and depressed because they can’t say no. They forget that Jesus is their example and that He had regular times of rest and renewal. The answer lies in (1) putting your life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, (2) learning to put first things first, (3) realizing you, too, have needs, and (4) not expecting everybody to understand when you set boundaries. The Bible says, “A friend loveth at all times” (Proverbs 17:17), not just when you comply with their wishes. So to fulfill God’s will for your life, you must learn to set boundaries.

Bible in a year: 2 Chron 23-24 and Acts 26

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