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June 07, 2020 · Bob Gass

Retrain your mind

Retrain your mind

The thought patterns you establish put you on autopilot. That means when specific situations arise, you’re preprogrammed to respond in a certain way. Sometimes that’s a good thing, like automatically distancing yourself from danger. Other times, you need to interrupt your autopilot function and stop your mind from going in the wrong direction. For example, maybe you’ve spent years dreading holiday celebrations with extended family. This year you can choose to think, “It’s not my favourite activity, but I’m going to look for something good in each of my relatives.” Or maybe you’ve developed a habit of complaining and feeling overwhelmed each month when the bills arrive. Instead you can choose to think, “I’m going to pay as much as possible on these, and little by little I’ll get out of debt.” Or maybe you don’t like your job, your boss, or the people you work with. If so, you have a choice. You can be negative and critical or say, “I’m glad I’ve got a job; many people don’t. I’m going to do my best every day and believe God to give me favour with my boss. My work environment may not be ideal, but I’ll do my part to make it pleasant for myself and those around me. I’d like a raise, so I’ll work hard to earn it.” Instead of reacting to the first thoughts that cross your mind, retrain your mind, one thought at a time, to think differently. It takes a little work, but when you think God’s thoughts, He becomes your partner in accomplishing whatever you need to accomplish.

Bible in a year: Luke 10:25-42 and Psalm 60-62

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