AUG 17
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August 17, 2023 · Bob Gass

Shut yourself in with God

“I long for you, O God.” Psalm 42:1 NLT

Are you having difficulty understanding God’s ways? We all struggle with that. Even though we can look back and see how His hand of blessing and guidance has been upon us, at times we still feel afraid and alone. Jesus Himself cried, “My God…why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). Those words could be interpreted, “I may not understand what’s happening right now, but I know you’re still my God.” What assurance! Have you ever watched a child reach for a parent’s hand and say, “Slow down; you’re walking too fast”? The child is afraid of getting lost or left behind. Is that how you feel today? Like you can’t keep up? That life is moving way too fast? The Bible says, “As the deer longs for streams of water…I long for you, O God” (Psalm 42:1 NLT). You don’t “long” for something unless you value it and need it. Only raw need will cause you to turn away from every other visible means of support and pursue God, because you know that without Him, you won’t make it. The truth is, if you didn’t need Him so desperately, you could easily become satisfied with lesser things. Three things happen when you pursue God with all your heart. (1) You enter the realm where “all things are possible” (Mark 10:27). (2) You grow more Christlike, because you become like the company you keep (see 2 Corinthians 3:18). (3) You learn that certain levels of blessing are only reached when you diligently seek God (see Hebrews 11:6). Are you weary of human answers? Do you need more than just good advice? Shut yourself in with God today and let Him speak to you.

Bible in a year: Jeremiah 35-37

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