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January 05, 2021 · Bob Gass

Training leaders who can train others (1) 

“Teach these truths to…trustworthy people who will…pass them on.” 2 Timothy 2:2 NLT 

Most church leaders would concede that people are their greatest resource. Which raises the question, why we don’t devote more time to training new leaders? One pastor admits that by failing to do this, “We limit the long-term growth and effectiveness of our organizations. Paul modelled this truth and changed the course of history. He cultivated other leaders around him, and taught them to do the same. He told his protégé, Timothy, ‘Teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will…pass them on.’ That’s the essence of great leadership.” When you devote time to developing leaders with a caring attitude, they learn to pass the same level of care on to the people they minister to. There are proven principles that apply to leadership in any organization, and the church is no exception. For example, Jon Gordon says, “Great customer service begins with being employee-focused first and customer-focused second. Too often organizations focus all their energy on the customer while ignoring the people who serve. This may work in the short run, but eventually employees become tired, burned out, negative, and resentful…Organizations who deliver the best service have a culture where employees are valued, listened to, and cared for. In turn, these employees value, care for, and serve their customers…If you model great service, your people will share it. If you want your team to serve, serve them. If you want your people to care, care about them. If you want your team to love their work, love them. If you want your employees to be their best, give them your best.” So are you training people who can train others?

Bible in a year: Genesis 10-12 and Matthew 4

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