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Image Sizes

Homepage slider

For testing

2560px W x 560px H

On a phone, the image will be shrunk to 320px W x 150px H. Centre content area and any text must fit within 900px. On phones, centre content area needs to fit in 320px W X 200px H and text needs to be legible.

Advertiser Tiles

Home Double

640px W x 255px H

Home Single

320px W x 255px H

Blog Sidebar

400px W x 400px H


1310px W x any height

Images will be resized if not set to these dimensions

On Demand logos

644 x 354 (previously: 600px W x 329px H)

Blog / page

Main Image

1310px W x 547px H

Small Body Image

400px W x any height

Aligned to left or right, other content wraps around

Ensure images are at least 400px wide. Smaller images will be enlarged to 400px. Larger images will be restricted to 400px.

Full-width Body Image

1280px W x 382px H

Must be 1280px wide. Smaller images will be upsized.

The Word For You Today

Home Page

650px W x any height

Detail Page

400px W x any height

Limit content to 300px W and leave 50px border on left, right and bottom