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The Matrix


One handy feature of Craft is the Live Preview which can save you a lot of time and make it easy for you to check the way something looks without having to try to find it on the front end. You enter Live Preview by clicking the button at the top center of your page. When you click on Live Preview, the page rearranges and it shows you your page and even allows you to continue editing.

The next great thing to know about Craft is the Matrix. The Matrix allows us to create a main content area into which you can put many different types of content. You can rearrange them, you can link out, you can do all sorts of things without needing to deal with any code at all.

The most important section of content will be your text. To add a text block, click on Main Copy. This will create a new block for adding and editing text. You can add a subheading; however, if it's the first block on the page, you probably won't want a subheading; you'll probably just go right into the text. In this editing window you have the ability to bold text, to italicize, make text bullet points, unordered list with bullets and an ordered list which has numbers. You can change the alignment of text; note that generally you don't want to center align large blocks of text as it's hard to read but if you had a short sentence that you wanted to highlight, aligning to center would be appropriate.

You can add a link by highlighting the text you want to use as the link, click on the word link or click on the the chain symbol to open the link box. You can choose to link to a page that's on the ucb website, or insert a link that goes to another website. Make sure to enter a title so that people will know where they're going when they hover over it. If you're linking to another website it's a good idea to set the to open the link in new tab so that the ucb website stays on the screen. The new site opens in another window and when the user closes that window, your website is still open. When you're linking to other websites it's always a good idea to go and find the page you want to link to, copy the address and paste it in rather than trying to type it.