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Uploading through the assets panel is helpful if you are doing a bulk upload of files such as images or audio files etc. If you are adding an image just for a single piece of content it probably makes the most sense to do it directly through the channel as you are creating the content itself. So to upload through the assets panel itself you're brought in initially to the uploads folder and if you know what channel you need to upload into or what section you need to upload into then you can go directly to that section and upload your file. To do that you would just click on the upload button in the top right corner, you would navigate to the place on your computer where you have the image or images you want to upload. Then you can upload one or more images and choose them and they'll be uploaded. If i wanted to delete the images that i had just uploaded or any other images i would choose to delete a group of images by clicking on the ones i want to delete, clicking on the little gear then clicking delete. Say ok and now those images are gone. If you're uploading audio files, the audio files are generally in the audio section and then divided by the particular type of content that it is, if you are uploading files for the word for you today, images go into the word feed add a section and the xml file for uploading the content itself is brought in through xml and the audio files are through the audio section.

If you want to add an image to accompany a piece of content, it's very simple to upload it while you're creating your piece. Click 'add an image'; we're brought to the page pics or uploads folders. (the large images at the top of main pages generally have been uploaded into the page pics folder for a single place to put everything). You would then go and locate the file you want you or upload a new file. You want to make sure the image is large enough to be clear on a large-sized screen but not larger than it needs to be. If you're uploading a full width image make sure that it's at least 1400 pixels wide; check the image sizes section of this user manual for a list of all the sizes of images that set up. You would then click choose and your image would be available. Once your image is uploadeded you can select it and now it's available for use. If you want to delete it you just click on the button.

If you're uploading an image in the content section, click 'add an asset', then locate a previously-uploaded image or upload your image. Check that it's a relevant size for the type of image you want. If you're adding a left or right aligned image, 600 pixels is more than wide enough. If it's a going to be a full width image then you want to make sure it's at least the size of the large size that's in the image sizes section of the user manual. Then you would click 'choose'; it's automatically going to select that for you and show the filename in the asset box.Because this is a small image we would choose left or right and if it was a large image we could choose full width.