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My Victory

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Elizabeth's story

We've prayed for salvation for our family for years. My sister and I were Christ followers, and some years later our father came to Christ. Over the years our mom started reading the The Word For You Today I left with her and started to believe a lot of the things she read. It got easy to talk with her about faith. When she died, she was a full-fledged believer.

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Brent's Story

I tuned into UCB Radio about a month ago and it has been great. I enjoyed the Christmas programming and I look forward to a faith-filled 2019 with you!

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Josh's Story

I was led by God to find your radio station last year. Oh, what joy your music and talk shows have brought me!

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Julie's Story

I listen to UCB Canada often and find it particularly helpful during troubling times. It's inspirational, actually and I'm so glad I have it!

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Suzanne's Story

Thank you UCB Canada. I love listening to God's music. It puts a spring on my feet, a joy in my heart, and a smile on my face. God bless! Much love.

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