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Ive been meaning to write you for a while, and yout fundraising drive was the push i neeeded to put my thoughts down finally and to send it off with a contribution so that you can continue to impact lives the way you've impacted mine.

I started listening to UCB just over a year ago. It started when i was driving to the hospital one day. There was a cermon being broadcasted about breaking down stronholds, areas of our lives that we havent given over to God, parts of our lives that we project as our own, and boy oh boy i have a few, even still. But slowly, surely and steadily, Jesus is knocking those walls down.

About the time i heard that cermon I had just started attending a new church, i felt God nudging me, wanting me to walk more closely with him. I mentioned the cermon I'd heard on the radio with the Pastor at this new church and he said something like "oh yeah, that's UCB Canada, we listen to them all the time:

After that one programmed 102.3 into my radio and listened all the time when driving, and i still do. When driving into work, instead of thinking about another 12 hour shift, instead the music lifts my soul and i start seeing the sky, the clouds, the sun, the tree lined landscape, the beauty of God's creation.

I still struggle at times, my fire is still sick and it's something that may never bve fully cured. But the struggles i have now are not the burden they were before. I cant say that its a joyful struggle but i do find moments of joy when God reaches out to me. Sometimes its in conversation , or prayer or in a song or message i hear from UCB on the radio.

I pray you will be there for a long time to come and that you will continue to breathe life into this browken world that is so often hostile to God's saving grace and the loving sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Sincerely and thankfully

P.S I didnt indened to use red in k but this was the pen i grabbed when i saw it was red i went to a blue pen. Then i remembered the son you station introduced to me "the red letters" before hearing that song i'd never heard of tyhe RLB, Now I read it daily.