Give Early to Kickstart the UCB Fall Fundraiser


Knock this off your "TO-DO LIST" and GIVE today to kickstart the UCB Fall Fundraiser!

Your early support will help make this campaign a huge success and allow UCB Radio to keep operating and providing the message of Hope 24/7.

By giving now, you're helping us make a bigger impact and providing the fuel that ignites Hope in Canada. AND you could win* a trip to Nashville to see FOR KING & COUNTRY's Christmas Concert at The Opry!

Join us on this journey towards positive change!

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per month

per month
80 people in your
community, each month

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per month

REACHES over 160 people with
the message of Hope in Jesus, each month

per month

GIVES 320 people access to positive,
uplifting UCB Radio, each month

When you join the Hope Team of monthly supporters amazing things happen!

You will be part of the team that sustains UCB Radio, providing Hope in Jesus to you, your family and community.


Thanks to an incredible partnership with Convoy of Hope, $40 per month will make it possible for a child to receive meals for a whole school year!

Convoy of Hope is a fantastic organization that is committed to serving 533,000 children globally across 33 countries through our Children’s Feeding program. By 2030, their goal is to feed and disciple 1 million children on a regular basis.

If you are unable to join the Hope Team you can still give a child meals with a gift of $500 or more today.

100% of your donation stays with UCB as some incredible donors are giving on your behalf to Convoy of Hope.

Convoy of Hope logo
  • Convoy of Hope operates over 3,800 program centers in 33 countries. Program centers are primarily through schools and churches.
  • Convoy of Hope has trained over 280,000 community members in nutrition, water sanitation, food preparation, and disease prevention.
  • A child dies every 10 seconds from malnutrition.
  • In low-income countries, 7.3 million children attend school hungry every day

Find out more about Convoy of Hope

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